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Standard Maintenance Detail

Our Standard Maintenance Detail Is Recommended For Clients Who Underwent Our Premium Detail And Would Like To protect their investment and Keep that Brand-New Effect On A Periodic Basis.

-Thorough Vacuuming 
-Clean, Disinfect, & Condition All Plastic, Leather, Etc.
-Door Jambs/Cup Holders wiped down.
-Interior Windows Cleaned.
-Gas&Brake Pedal Disinfect&Scrub.
-Air Freshener.
-Interior/Exterior UV Protection.
-In-Depth Hand Wash;  We Soak Your Vehicle In Thick Suds Using Our Foam-Cannon And High Quality Soaps And Solutions.
-Wheels & Rims Cleaned & Shined To Perfection.
-Exterior Window Clean.

      *price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition.